For a full refund, please return your bracelet, cuff, or essential oils at our Vented in Brooklyn address unworn and undamaged within 30 days of purchase.

442 78th street
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11209

Yes. You can reach us anytime at our email: ccanny@ventedinbrooklyn.com.

Yes, please call our customer service number. You can reach us any time at +1(917) - 301 - 0201.

Not yet, but soon! Please be patient.

Yes. We purchase our %100 pure essential oils from Your Body Needs in Annapolis, Maryland.

We at Vented recommend inhaling with our breathing meditation ritual only once every half an hour. Everyone reacts differently to aromatherapy, so some should wait even longer in-between inhalations.

We recommend 1 to 3 droplets placed onto the paper in the bracelet for a strong, lingering scent.

We recommend you reapply droplets every one to two days. This is personal though, and experimentation is sometimes needed to produce your desired healing effect.

We at Vented do not recommend putting the oils onto your skin, as some people do get skin irritations from %100 pure essential oils.

Pure essential oils are very potent, and should be used carefully by anyone, but especially by small children.

Our copper is coated, so it is not pure. However, leaving a small amount of copper on the skin is known to provide some benefits, even if it is coated.

Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils to elevate overall well being. Essential oils are powerful essences extracted from plants. These oils are inhaled in doses to produce healing effects within the body and mind. Please visit our aromatherapy information page at this link to learn more.

The knots on either end of the copper plate of the mini Vented bracelet can be loosened to provide easier access to the inside paper. On our Vented cuff, the sheet of paper can be reached by removing the small plastic sheet on the back of the cuff.

We recommend using a dry jewelry cleaning cloth to shine your Vented bracelet or cuff.

Our copper is coated, and should not effect the skin unless you suffer from a copper allergy. Metal allergies are common, so please be careful.

Our materials are fairly traded, and made in India.

Please contact our customer service number (+1(917) - 301 - 0201) and we will try our best to ship your order on time.