• “HOPE” Vented In Brooklyn® Aromatherapy Cuff Bracelet


    Remind yourself why you try so hard and love so much. A little hope for the future goes a long way.
    When you make a purchase at Vented In Brooklyn® we donate a bracelet to a cancer patient or cancer charity, along with a bottle of essential oil to alleviate treatment symptoms.   
    We aim to spread love and wellness with our jewelry. Help us start a chain reaction of kindness.

    Pick one of our essential oil scents to allow all day aromatherapy treatment. Just add 1 to 3 droplets onto the handmade paper inside your Vented piece, wipe clean, and you’re good to go. The scent will stay on your wrist to allow you to sniff away stress, nausea, headaches, or 6 train stank.

    How to VENT: Close your eyes, lift your wrist to your nose, inhale deeply and count to four. Hold briefly, then exhale and count down to one.
    Repeat this ritual every half hour up to 4 times; relaxing you, clearing your mind, and helping you forget the BS.

    *New* Place an order for doTERRA Essential Oils- Will ship separately unless drop down starter kit is selected.

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    • Adjustable from “6 to “8
    • Clear back screen to allow for a personal written message
    • Handmade paper to absorb essential oils
    • Artisan hammered copper coated plates
    • Vented to allow all day aromatherapy treatment 
    • Etched letters

    Each piece is made individually by different artists in India creating an original piece of

    jewelry that may vary from what is photographed.

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