Act Your Age, Beautifully

Michelle Snelling Blog Post "Act Your Age, Beautifully" Vented In BrooklynWritten by Michele Snelling November 18, 2021

Michele Snelling is a psychic medium, a spiritual coach & creator/owner of a line of intuitively created essential oil and salt products. Michele has been intuitive her whole life and it is her purpose to share these gifts with whomever desires, offering them a better understanding of who they are and the path that is connected to their Higher Truth. Her intention is to provide guidance, insight and tools to enable those she works with to remember their authentic self, to find the joy they are longing for and to live the life of their dreams.

Life is so surprising at times. Almost shocking. In this year of 54 I have learned so much. This has been the year of more spiritual growth and compassion than I ever thought possible.

I love my birthday and I love my age. I never hesitate to tell someone how old I am. I cherish being 54. When I have had discussions with others about wanting to go back to a younger age, my answer is always NO! Not because I did not enjoy my life and my younger years, but because I have found how to love being right where I am.

If there is any wisdom for me to impart in entering this year of 54, it is that the true gift comes in the art of being. Being in flow. Being in joy. Being in acceptance. Being in authenticity. Being in connection. Being in compassion

Not being in perfection. Or goals. Or timelines. Or schedules.

Being in life and whatever it brings that moment.


This is an art form. It takes practice and awareness and commitment. Some of my days see expectations and frustration and annoyance. But peppered all throughout is deep joy and a true love of life and living it. The trick is to breathe, press pause and remember who you are—a beautiful being of love and light here to experience ALL of life AND to get messy and angry at times. To feel it all, to allow it all.

The wisdom is really about allowing. Allowing all of it. The feel good and the feel yucky. The laughter and the pain. I have found that the 2 reside right next to each other. They share a yard. And moving one small step away from pain will land you in joy again. Sometimes we can’t make the step on our own. We can’t even see the yard or know where to go. In these times we must be carried. It is up to us to allow the help, to let go, loosen the resistance and BE. To be led to a place of peace and comfort, to light and lightness.

Breathe in, breathe out, soften.

This is the gift, the way. The way to freedom, and personal power, and safety, and flow. The way to JOY.

Living life fully and the ensuing joy is in the softness. In the simple and the easy. Being a lover of life and in love with life has nothing to do with complicated. Actually, complicated buries joy and love. Complicated makes us emotional hoarders, creating so much clutter that we are not able to recognize the beauty in the entire experience.

And I do not want to go back to 18 or 21, or 30 or even 53, no thank you, I am thrilled to be where I am this moment. Committed to me and to continuing this messy, often complicated by my own hands, confusing and cluttered, beautifully acting my age of 54.

How might you be you and act your age beautifully?



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