We aim to spread joy, wellness and hope with our jewelry. 10% of your purchase will be donated to Making STrides and other partner charities. Choose who you will RISE! Help us start a chain reaction of kindness. 


It is very important to us here at Vented to give back, that is why when you buy a bracelet from Vented In Brooklyn® we donate 10% of your sale to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and other charities so that they we can help find a cure for cancer. #CancerSucks #GiftForACancerPatient

We hope to bring joy into the lives of those afflicted with this terrible disease. Thank you for being an important benefactor, and joining us in donating $1000s of dollars a year. 

Here are some amazing charities and organizations that we have donated Vented bracelets to as well as financial donations.

-Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
-Sloan Kettering
-The Tunnel To Towers Foundation
-Alzheimer’s Association
- Mt Sinai
- Sloan Breast Cancer Center- Share Cancer
- Dream Factory
- Catwalk For A Cure
- 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk
- Maimonides Cancer Support Group
- Sanford R. Nalitt Cancer Center in Staten Island
- Hope Lodge at The American Cancer Society in NYC
- Susan G Komen of Central and South Jersey


My obsession with essential oils started when I was just a little girl. I have always been amazed at how smelling a scent could instantly throw you back into a moment of time. That inhaling a scent such as peppermint could make me so happy and fill me with joy and bring me back to my youth. These “happy memories” and the use of essential oils have helped me though the saddest days of my life. Those days being the loss of my Dad, Norman and how he suffered battling Lung Cancer.

You see, my favorite thing to do with my Dad was to go to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. There were many spots we loved but my favorite was the Blind Garden. It was loaded with an array of herbs and spices of all different species. Dad would have me close my eyes and he would test my sense of smell. He would rub his finger tips across the different leaves and capture their essence on his finger tips and have me inhale them. I loved these moments of me and him and of course I loved how proud he was of me because I remembered all the scents he taught me. Till this day, 17 years after his death, I am instantly brought back to that garden when I inhale a scent like lavender, peppermint or geranium.

Through the years my family and i have given back to different cancer patients or charities. It was when I was lost in what to do in my business life, that I asked God for help. Could he give me an idea that I could use my talents, help people feel good and most importantly help cancer patients feel better somehow. Daddy hated being in the hospital, it smelled, he was lonely and he was nauseous from his treatments. There must be something!!??? And God answered me with a bracelet idea with empowering words on the front and a place in the back where people could insert their favorite essential oil and spread joy by knowing a percentage of their sale would be donated. ! I scribbled a design on a piece of paper and gave it to my brother Tim. He is my business partner and my go to prototyper. He headed to his shop and came out hours later and handed me our 1st prototype of our Vented In Brooklyn® Aromatherapy Bracelet. I loved it!The amazing part was that he made it from a piece of copper from our Fathers factory that was over 35 years old!

From day 1, we decided that when anyone would buy a bracelet that we would donate money to a cancer charity. The buyer feels good knowing they are giving back , empowers themselves with their power word such as STRENGTH and receives the benefits of aromatherapy. The best way to heal and feel better is to come together and help others. My way to find STRENGTH though my own breast cancer journey in 2022 has been to GIVE STRENGTH TO RECEIVE IT. i hope you will join us by purchasing on one of our products or attending one of our many fundraisers throughout the year. 


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