Fuck Cancer©️Mug

Fuck Cancer©️Mug

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We donate to charity with every purchase!

This month we are donating 10% of our Fuck Cancer products to Rosemarie Michalski. Rosemarie was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021 under the age of 40 and its now spread to her hip bone causing her severe pain. While facing a new challenge she is still recovering from her double mastectomy breast surgery that caused an infection in her left breast. She is facing future surgeries after she gets through her rounds of aggressive radiation to kill any cancer cells in her hip lesions. Her partner has cut his work hours to take care of her and their family and now they are 4 months behind on their rent.  We will be trying to help in anyway we can.

Our Fuck Cancer©️Mug is for the person who really really hates cancer and the type of person people know to not interrupt you until you have had your morning caffeine!!

When Chrisie designed our Fuck Cancer©️ artwork her intention was to represent every crappy cancer out there! The one that took her Dad from her, the one who took her favorite Aunt from her, the one that took Sweet Sally from us all, the one who left her Uncle with permanent damage from radiation, the one that caused her Mom to be on medication for life and of course the one that took her breasts from her to name just a few….she really hates Fucking Cancer!

So a divine download occurred for her this summer of a simple design and an idea was born. A design representing every cancer so that we can donate to every crappy cancer. Every month a new charity will receive a % of our sales of all of our Fuck Cancer©️ styles.

It’s September so we will Bo donating to Pediatric Cancer this month.

A little info about our mug

 Hand wash ONLY

12 ounce 2 tone latte mug

Fuck Cancer ©️Christine Canny 2022

October Charity- Making Strides Against Breast Cancer